Funny Teaching Story

Thought we'd share a funny story that happened when Carol arrived at the Martin Luther King Magnet School to teach the adult ballroom class.  Enjoy!


My husband and I were teaching Ballroom Dancing to the teachers in an elementary school so they in turn could teach the students.   On our last trip to the school, the gym where we teach was dark. Since there were no lights on, I felt along the wall with my hand for a light switch.   When I felt a switch, I turned it on.   Immediately the alarms started screeching and the lights started flashing. The switch turned out to be a fire alarm switch.    I quickly went into the office to let them know that I was responsible for setting off the fire alarm.   The secretary called the Fire Department, but by then, the teachers were marching the students outside in the cold and two fire trucks were pulling up to the building.   The firemen came rushing into the school with all their fire gear on and oxygen tanks on their backs.


You can imagine my embarrassment when they were told what happened... and all eyes were on me!   Needless to say, from now on, I will get the janitor to turn the lights on.