In 2009, Mrs. Louise Giuliano, national ballroom dance champion and owner of , was instrumental in helping Dance Crazy to find the perfect costumes and dance shoes for the Competition!

When Dance Crazy learned it was to receive a grant from the Ronald McDonald House Charities that would allow for the purchase of competition costumes, the board of directors turned to Louise for direction.  Finding a company to make good quality costumes, in large quantity and for a moderate price was going to be difficult.  Or so we thought....

Louise has been buying and selling ballroom dance clothing and accessories for years, and we hoped she could offer sound advice.

Well, Louise went far above and beyond giving advice.  She quickly moved to inquire with several companies she was familiar with.  After receiving many samples and making many careful calculations in sizing, Louise was able to get a manufacturer to agree to a price that included not only costumes but ballroom dance shoes as well!

2009 was the first year Dance Crazy's competition had costumes for the children.  The costumes included a T-shirt with the Dance Crazy logo on it, pants/skirt with attached undergarment, and dance shoes. The children that participated in the 2009 competition were able to keep the T-shirts, and the rest of the costume was to be used again at future competitions. 

To see pics of the children in the costumes,  click here and enjoy!