The 3rd Dance Crazy Competition!


MAY 17, 2009

Where: Schenectady High School
Time: 1PM


Once again, the Dance Crazy ballroom competition was a huge success.  About 300 attendees watched in amazement as sixty 4th and 5th graders competed for the Dance Crazy Champion title for 2009.

This years event had a couple of new additions that only added to everyones enthusiasm.  The first were the costumes worn by all contestants.  Thanks to a generous grant from Ronald McDonald Charities, all of the children were donned in white T-shirts with the Dance Crazy logo on the backs, as well as either black dance skirts (girls), black dance pants (boys), and black ballroom dance shoes.  

Costumes were not the only change this year.  The decorations were phenomenal!  Mr. Stuart Newell    created two larger-than-life sized wooden cut-outs of the two children seen in the Dance Crazy logo.  These two wooden mascots were propped up for all to see throughout the event.    Mr. Newell 's creativity did not stop there!  He also created the arched balloon displays and the 30 foot long banner.  Thank you Mr. Newell!

The five schools participating in the event were A.W. Becker in Selkirk, Yates Elementary in Schenectady, Martin Luther King in Schenectady, Ichabod Crane and Rensselaer Park Elementary n Lansingburgh.

All of the children performed skillfully and with a determined, competitive demeanor that kept the audience enthralled. 

This years Dance Crazy champion is A. W. Becker.  Congrats to Mrs. Ronnie Mitchell (who is a teacher at A.W. Becker and also taught their ballroom dance program) and all of the children that participated! 

A. W. Becker has been an Alumni School in the Dance Crazy program for the last two years, and this were their third attempt at vying for the Dance Crazy trophy.   This time, they did it!


Once again.....

A BIG THANK YOU to Ronald McDonald Charities for donating $4,500 towards the purchase of costumes for the dance competitors!