Dance Crazy Minutes
November 2, 2005

In attendance:
Susan Robbiano, Larry Bates, Richard Dubas, Dorothy Kevlin, Alissa Recore, Jean Rose, Jim Apicella, Patti Apuzzo, Chris Soulia

I. We reviewed the four components of Dance Crazy:

1-Demand for ballroom dancing in the schools must be present, and it is thanks to the movie Mad Hot Ballroom, and the TV shows
2-Professional Teachers
3-Volunteer Dancers From the Ballroom Community to act as teaching assistants in the classroom, and to teach school staff

II. Mission Statement Reviewed
III. School Pilot Project: Rensselaer Middle School
IV. Professionals interested in working for Dance Crazy:
David and Dawn Levesque, Jan Holik, Everett Coons, Bob Englert, Savoy Dance Studio, Patricia Rumore. David’s quote is $______ and that includes the show. Contract requires 1/3 down upon signing of the contract, and the remainder is due at the show. Savoy’s quote is for $______ and that includes a show.
V. Strategic Planning:
Year 1: 1 school
Subsequent years: Launch program in 5 schools, have interested schools submit answers to our questionnaire (yet to be drafted), we choose the schools that we have resources to work with.

Chris Soulia proposed starting up a second school in his school, Ichabod Crane, where he already teaches dancing to kids. Chris will survey the kids and find out if there is interest, and will proceed accordingly. Chris volunteered to teach that program free of charge.

VI. Not-For-Profit Status:
-Demo Romanucci is our pro-bono attorney. We will forward incoming money to him to put into his business account to hold for us until we are established as a NFP. We will write checks to pay teachers, etc, from there. When we are a NFP, we will open our own checking account and pay teachers and expenses from that account.
-BOD members are going to be: Susan Robbiano, Dorothy Kevlin, Demo Romanucci, Dr. Lozada, Dr. Maisel, Jean Rose.

VII. Reviewed up-coming 3 fundraisers: Nov. 6 at Danceland with Mad Hot Ballroom, Nov. 25 at Danceland with Rummage Sale, and Dec. 10 at Danceland is the silent auction.

We need to plan future fundraisers, need to apply for grants as soon as we have NFP status, and we need more donations for silent auction.

VIII. Update from USA Dance: Jean Rose informed us that the USA BOD plans to split the proceeds from the sock-hop last week and donate half of the proceeds to Dance Crazy.

IX. Teaching Assistant Update: The three TAs for Rensselaer Middle School are Alissa Recore, Larry Bates and Phyllis D’Antonio. The classes will be from 2:45pm – 3:30pm. Days of the week are TBA.

Alissa Recore available M & F, but if the class is only 45 minutes, she can come on any 2 days.

John Rucker available any day after Jan. 1, 2006

Larry Bates available M-T-W-F

Linda Godoy Rohmer available Friday

Edna Cribbs available Thursday and Friday

Phyllis D’Antonio-open

Richard Dubas-

X. Teachers to Teach School Faculty: Volunteers are Paul Hayes, Bob and Carol Theurrien, Jim Bray, and Sue Robbiano

XI. Articles are currently in Times Union, Schenectady Gazette an The Troy Record about the up-coming fundraisers. All 3 papers want to do a feature article when we start the program in January.

XII. Next meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 6pm at Danceland.