Pix of Dance Crazy Syllabus Workshop

October 7, 2006

Andrea and Larry, and many others in the mirror...practicing steps.  Andrea is coordinating events at Yates Magnet School this year.  Larry is a volunteer instructor, teaching both adults and children at Yates.


Barry and Dorothy .....concentrating! Barry and Dorothy are both members of the Dance Crazy Board of Directors.  Barry is a volunteer instructor teaching adults at Yates Magnet School.  Dorothy is the coordinator for both the Coeyman (P.B. Coeymans Elementary) and the Selkirk (A.W. Becker Elementary) schools.

Clarence, Cheryl and Joe are having fun with the steps.  Clarence is an instructor at the Latham Arthur Murry studio, and he was kind enough to help us all to learn all of those steps!  Cheryl is a volunteer instructor teaching adults at the Albany School of Humanities (ASH), and teaching children at the Yates school.  Joe is a volunteer instructor teaching adults at ASH, and teaching children at the Selkirk school (A.W. Becker Elementary).

Jennifer Girard, our Artistic Director and the owner of the Latham Arthur Murray studio, talks to the crowd, explaining the many intricacies involved with teaching ballroom dancing! Donna and Bill are having fun with it all, for sure!  Donna is a volunteer teaching children at Martin Luther King Elementary school, and Bill is a volunteer who will be teaching children as a substitute teacher.

While learning how to teach ballroom dancing is fun, there was alot to learn so we had to focus!  Liz and Richard listen intently.  Liz is a a volunteer that is teaching adults in the Ravena Coeyman Selkirk(RCS) schools, and children in the Coeyman school.  Richard is a volunteer instructor for adults learning in the RCS schools.