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If you were part of the program from 2005-2010, here is what you will remember:


The program consists of several components.

  1. The program includes a sixteen-week session of ballroom dance lessons for thirty children, or 15 couples consisting of 15 boys and 15 girls. 
  2. At the end of the first ten weeks , 12 of the 30 students will be chosen to continue on for another six weeks of lessons and compete in the inter-school ballroom competition.  The winning team will be designated as the Ballroom Champions for the year, winning temporary ownership of the Dance Crazy trophy.
  3. Participating schools also receive free basic beginning ballroom dance lessons for school staff.  These school staff members can then be used in the children’s classes as  recyclable teaching assistant resources year after year
  4. Dance Crazy has a list of local volunteer ballroom dancers that are acting as teaching assistants in the childrens classes.
  5. Dance Crazy has a list of local experienced volunteer ballroom dancers that are teaching school staff how to ballroom dance at a beginners level.
  6. The Artistic Director for Dance Crazy is Ms. Jennifer Girard, owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Latham.  Ms. Girard is very enthusiastic about helping children in this area through ballroom dancing, and has donated her time and efforts.
  7. The Dance Crazy Syllabus that outlines exactly what will be taught to the children in all schools has been written by Ms. Girard, pro-bono.

Dance Crazy’s Goal
One goal of the organization is to launch this program in five new schools each year, and to raise enough money to pay for the ten week session in each of the five new schools.  If ‘extra’ funds are available after meeting this goal, the extra funds will be used to help defray school costs for participation in the competition.


Our second goal is to provide our schools with knowledge and internal resources needed to help them continue the ballroom program after their year with us. 

Alumni Schools are encouraged to continue participating in the Dance Crazy program after our first year with them.  Click here for more information.

The original Board of Directors:

Ms. Susan Robbiano, Founder and President

Ms. Jennifer Girard, Artistic Director

Ms. Dorothy Kevlin, Vice-President

Ms. Jean Rose, Secretary

Dr. Barry Maisel, Treasurer

Mr. Demo Romanucci, Esquire

Ms. Linda Rozell-Shannon, Honorary Member